Friday, March 20, 2009

Pleasant Surprises

Well to begin with, I am typing in GREEN, seeing today is the first day of Spring, which soon will bring the tulips and crocus to our flower beds. So happy first day of Spring to you.
What pleasant surprises am I talking about you ask? Well, to begin with, when I was doing my research at the genealogy center, I was very nosy and I looked everywhere for whatever I could find for my family tree. I believe with all my heart , that a family tree should hold more than just names, places and dates. You need to make your ancestors come alive, to sort of understand their lives and even their friends .
One day, I noticed someone had ordered some school returns, and that really interested me, to be able to find my father and my mother's school classes and even my grandmother's class.
From there I began searching for my school classes, 'Oh here is my grade one, I didn't know so and so was in my grade one!, anyway I found all my school grades from grades one to eight. I noticed there were classmates who were in most all of my grades with me.
Now getting back to my surprise, two days ago, an old friend of mine, sent me a photo, and she posted it in Facebook too. I looked at the photo and it was a photo of my classmates and me, I was around 12 years of age maybe younger and here were all the faces of the names I remember going to school with. Now I can add the photo with the school returns to match a face to the names. What a nice feeling to be able to do this. I did not think I would ever find a school photo with me in it, but this was a classmate who took our photo in front of the school.
Well changing the subject, I am in the process of moving, yuck!, I do not like moving, but there was an apartment empty two doors down from my Mom's, and this way I will be closer to her, she is 90 or will be 91 in May, she had fallen and broke her pelvis two places five weeks ago, would you believe she is now walking with a walker and sometimes without the walker around the house? She was determined not to give up, and her progress really shows this.
Now she is talking about driving her car again, and maybe even going for another trip to the USA. grin. Her memory is really really good, I know I will never have a memory like hers, I write everything down to make sure I remember. I must take after my Dad, he couldn't remember his youth at all. I remember but not as well as Mom.
Oh a final note. I am wondering if there are any readers out there who do cross stiching or embroidery or wooden crafts and so on who would be willing to donate something to give at our reunion in July. I want to give out some prizes and as you all know crafts ARE expensive, so if there is anyone out there who wants to donate something, even some Acadian Music would be great, contact me and we can discuss it, I will tell you what ideas I have ok?
Contact me through the url on the right side.
Have a great day , thanks for the visit.

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