Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Yesterday I went to sit with Mom, she had an accident and is confined to a wheel chair at the moment, so I was asked to go sit with her for a while. And everytime I go visit her, or nearly everytime , we always talk about the past.
Now she was telling me her cousin Augustine Pitre and his brother Henry had a little Bull, and they trained that bull. Mom said they would take him into the woods and tie some logs or branches to him and say Git and the bull would go home, but ,Mom said, when that bull decided he was not going anywhere, he didn't go. grin.
Then I told Mom, I was getting the death records for her grandfather Amand who died in Notre Dame, I had been wanting to get them for a while, and soon they will be arriving. Mom said" yes grandfather died as the result of an accident, he was pulling tree stumps from the ground and one caught him in the stomach somehow and he died." So possibly his death will say internal bleeding. I am anxious to get the death record. His wife Rose died from pneumonia later at the age of 67, so she died in 1921 he died in 1913 so he had to have been quite young.
Now I am a very lucky lady, because my mother will be 91 on her birthday and she still has a great memory. And I have received so many little stories from her about her youth and growing up. She told me, that when my grandfather died, my grandmother was left with seven kids at home, Mom was newly married and my grandmother had a three month old baby, and she worked doing housework for others and it came to a time that she just could not take care of seven kids so she put them in an orphanage. And my Mom and Dad took them all out one by one. It must have been hard for my grandmother at that time, and it was so good of my Mom to take them out. One of my aunts who has since passed away was like a sister to us, she was always at our home, as we were growing up.
Aw, memories are good to share with others, memories are a thing that should be noted, written down, added to our family trees. So if you have grandparents even your parents or aunts ,uncles, cousins who can share their memories, then take a little drive to see them, phone them, talk to them , as I said before ,once they are gone, so are their memories.
Hope you enjoyed today's blog and I hope you will stop by again. Oh and I see I have 20 followers, getting close to my first quota of 25. Thank you everyone
Have a great day.

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