Friday, March 13, 2009

Moving and Hens

Well first of all, I am moving and I am beginning to have an idea how Hank Snow's I've Been Everywhere song became famous, he's been everywhere, and I've MOVED everywhere. grin.
Well hopefully this time I will stay. So the end of the month the movers will be here and away I go . Now what does moving have to do with Hens? Well I am reading a book called Au Village du Bois and I came across the following article that I wanted to share with you.
In the village there were always story tellers and joke tellers and the following is one that was mentioned in the book.
"I had married the daughter of Vital and she was never satisfied and she always had to "move".She could never stay at one place for long. And we had five hens and everytime we moved so did the hens. We had horses and a truck wagon and we would tie the hen's feet together so they would not fly away. And these hens were so used to seeing a chair being brought outside that everytime they saw a chair being brought outside, they would lay on their backs and cross their feet.grin.
Now changing the subject, I have added two more pages on my website at ,I have added some marriages from Grande Digue New Brunswick and some marriages from Havre Boucher Nova Scotia. They are not complete but a few names is better than none at all and I may be adding more to the Grande Digue page . Havre Boucher marriages are only from 1831 to 1847 and among those are a few marriages of Tracadie Nova Scotia.
And for some good news, I don't know if I mentioned that my Mom had fallen and broke her pelvis bone about five weeks ago. She is 90 and I was so afraid that she would not heal, she had been in a wheelchair ever since, anyway yesterday we stopped by on our way home and when I walked into her home, there she was walking with a walker, well I was so surprised to see her up and walking. She has a therapist coming in and helping her ,I believe all the prayers that were said for her have been answered. So to you who have said prayers I thank you.
I noticed I now have 24 followers, one more to go for my first quota of 25. I am very impressed.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will return.
Have a great day


Anonymous said...

I keep finding so many more interesting portions of your web site. love your stories and esecially about your Mom. My Mom is 98 and in assisted living but her mind is sharp as can be and she puts me to shame also. tho she is not Acadian she has filled me in on many events and stories about my Dads family
Lorraine Legere

alineskee said...

Lorraine, I am glad you enjoy my website and stories, we are one of the lucky ones to have our Mom still with us and with sharp memories, we need to cherish the memories and listen to their every words. Aline