Monday, March 23, 2009


As you know there were many Acadian Fugitives during the Grand Derangement or Acadian Exile. Anyway, I was at the genealogy center a few days ago, and as always, every time I go there I keep thinking, I wonder what I could add on my Acadian website. This time I came across an article title Acadian Fugitives by Placide Gaudet. Now many of you know that Placide Gaudet was a great genealogist and he wrote lots of articles on the Acadians plus he had a series of genealogy books. So when I saw by Placide Gaudet and he had posted the article in the New Brunswick Magazine back in 1899, I knew I wanted to share it with my readers. So I have added the pages on my website, I did not write all the article but I copied and pasted the pages. I do hope you will find it interesting , I did. Go to you will see it there. I would like to hear your comments about the article if possible. Did you enjoy reading it?
Well we are expection snow tonight , five to ten centimeters, I am glad that we have moved a big part of my stuff. We have a couple more trips and then the movers will take the big furniture.
Let me tell you , that when night time comes, no one has to rock me to sleep. I hit the bed and wild horses couldn't wake me. grin. In the morning when I get up I am ready to load up the car again. So Friday is the big moving day. Then its back to unpacking and putting things away.
I do hope you have enjoyed todays blog and will go check out my website regarding Acadian Fugitives. Also if any of you readers are interested in joining our acadianrootsclub genealogy room, you can come in the back door through the side of my blog, once you join petiteacadienne then I shall invite you to our main group.
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Velda said...

I just love your blog Aline, I've given you an award :)

alineskee said...

Thank you Velda, glad you like my blog.I will try to keep folks interested if possible.
Have a great day