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Well it has been a while since my last blog. A lot of things has happened since then. I have moved to the big city. I am not far from the Centre D'Etude Acadienne, a great research center if you have acadian blood. I have been going there since 1976. Can you imagine? It has been 30 years. And I remember the first time I went there. Did not know where to begin. At the time there was a Ronald LeBlanc there and he helped me a lot by showing me where to look. Every day I was amazed at all the stuff they had. And would you believe that after 30 years of going there sometimes from opening to closing and I am still finding new places to look into?
And the staff there are so willing to help. There is Carmella, she has helped me so much along the way. She goes out of her way to do her best in guiding others.
We have Regis Brun a historian, he wrote many books , and he is the one who told me about an old movie film that was there taken by a priest , that contained my mother, my father, my great grandmother and some great aunts on my father's side. Of course that is something I shall treasure , Ronnie Gilles had the movies transferred to a CD for me and I had some copies made for all my siblings. Ronnie Gilles is the one who came with me to pick up my mother who was 87 at the time to take her to the genealogy center to identify the persons on the film. She even identified her cow and her dog.Ronnie Gilles is an archivist and wrote various books.
And Stephen White (Geneaologist who wrote the Dictionaire Genealogique Des Familles Acadiennes whom you have all heard so much about arrived at the center around the same time as I began my digging. He has been such a great help to me. He always stopped what he was doing to give me advice, or to just have a small discussion. And I have seen him at work, day after day. I seen him reading and writing many times over. Some folks may not agree with him on some subjects but I will tell you that I think he does his work thoroughly. And how many of you can talk about an ancestor from way back and not yours and just recite the information on that person? For example if you asked him about Marie Arsenault married to Joseph Caissie around 1810, he probably would say yes she was the daughter of so and so , or she had a sister married to so and so. To make it easier to understand, to me Mr White is a talking encyclopedia.
There are many others at the Centre D'Etude that I do not know by name, but I see them quite often when I go. So if you are ever in Moncton New Brunswick Canada and looking for your Acadian Roots the Centre D'etude Acadienne at the University of Moncton is the place to go.
I never get tired of going, even if at times I don't find what I am looking for, I keep going back again and again. (like the little rabbit that advertises the eveready batteries, he keeps going and going and going) grin.
I am nearly finished adding part one of the Sainte Anne de Kent cemetery in New Brunswick to my site. If you go there you will see a photo of when the church was burning, the neighbors saved what they could before the church burned totally to the ground. I want to thank Gerry Mazerole for giving me the photo.
If you are a newcomer ,just surfing through, and if you are interested in your Acadian Roots, check out my website at and my friend Lucie LeBlanc Consentino's great site at

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