Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Clovis has been found. Yes I found him today. I went to the genealogy center, and dug and dug and searched and searched , smile. Clovis was christened Simon Clovis, so that is why we could not find him. He was born in 1880 the son of Hilaire Boucher and Antoinette Landry. He married Marguerite Hebert daughter of Thomas Hebert and Theotiste, but I did not verify Marguerite's birth. This info was on the marriage record. Now Hilaire Boucher father of Clovis was married first to Marguerite Meunier, and he became a widower and married Antoinette Landry. So now we have helped the lady looking for the information. That makes me feel really good. And knowing the members of my acadian group has rallied and done some searching for me. So to all of you who have tried and helped me, including my new found cousin, I thank you. Know that we have made a lady happy. These Boucher families were all in Grande Digue New Brunswick.
I was very contented searching through the old records and microfilms today. I shall be going again, as often as possible. It is funny how fast the time goes when I go to the genealogy center. I go as early as I can and before you know it I have been there 3 to 4 hours.Today I was only there for 3 hours, would have stayed longer if I could. So again my thanks to each and everyone of you.
Have a great day

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