Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hello again, so nice to have you drop by. Well to begin with I need to make a correction on one of my previous blogs. Seeing as I have many who read my blogs , I have been alerted to an error that I really should not have made. smile. Remember I told you about my mother going hunting? Well on my blog I said she was 5feet 10??? oh noooooo my mother is four feet ten. A big difference huh? And she would have been around 11 or 12 when she did all this hunting. She got married at 13 and one half years of age. She had her first baby at 15. Back in those days girls married at a young age. If you look back at your ancestors you will see the same thing. And back in the early acadian days many acadians married cousins or relatives.
Now changing the subject I have been busy since we last chatted. If you visit my website you will notice a few changes. My cemeteries are all listed in a drop down menu now, so are my marriages and am working at doing the same for my census, I am nearly finished them. So I am hoping it will make it easier for you to navigate my website. Again a big thank you to Lucie, she needs a lot of patience with me. But I have learned quite a bit thanks to her.
I also have finished parts one and part two of the Shediac Cemetery , I copied all the names on the stones on Lucie's site and have them on my website. I think this is neat, you look for your ancestor on my site then it tells you exactly what row what number in the row that is on Lucie's site. It will save many researchers lots of time. Then you can go view the stone on Lucies site. I really believe our joint project is a good thing. Except that as you can see Lucie and I have worked very very hard on this, and we dont feel it would be fair for others to come and copy our work and add them to their site . I would suggest if you have a site or forum, send your members to our site to check out the information that they want. I am sure no one would want us to go to their sites and copy and put it on site and get credit for it? No I dont think so. Anyway enough for today, off to work I go.
Have a great day

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