Monday, January 29, 2007

Well hello again,I am happy that you dropped by. Well today I would like to tell you about what I saw. At the moment I live on an old dirt road in the country ,and all around me there are woods and fields. Now last year I saw tons of rabbits, but never a deer and I was told there were all kinds around. But we have two dogs so maybe the dogs are keeping them away. Anyway today on my way to town, I had to go through a little village called Notre Dame De Kent, and I couldn't believe my eyes, we had just driven away from a few homes and there was this little bunch of trees and on the side of the road I saw this deer ,he was just standing on the side of the road, then he made a Uturn and into the bush he went. He looked very healthy and young. I was very glad he went into the woods again, so not to be hit by a passing car.
Now back to genealogy, today I finished adding the names of the Cemetery Notre Dame de Fatima in Collette New Brunswick Canada to my website ,I copied the names from Lucie's site at We have a joint project going and we are both very proud of our accomplishments. But we must also thank our cemetery hunters smile, Hector Boudreau, his wife Jeannita, and Francis LeBlanc, because without them we would not have as many cemeteries online as we have.
So when you have time drop in and visit both my website and Lucies, you will enjoy our sites.
Have a great day

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