Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hi, is it snowing your way? Well you can check out my winter diary tomorrow I may have news for you.
Today I decided to go for a drive, but where to? The weather was overcast, no sun, sort of a gloomy day. So a drive would make me feel much better.
So I decided to take a drive to Memramcook NB, known as the cradle of Acadie. I drove there many a times when my husband was living. We would go through the back roads, Dover Road, Pre D'en Haut, then St.Joseph, we even went to a place known as Taylor Village. Now why Taylor Village ? Well while I was doing my research I came across an article saying that one of my ancestors lived there, he did not own the land. His name was Mathurin Guillaume Williams dit Bristol. As you guessed he was sometimes called Mathurin Bristol and other times Maturang Williams. He was an english boy brought up by Joseph Goguen of Cocagne. For a while he was in Cocagne then moved to Memramcook where he died.
Well I stopped at the Memramcook Cemetery today, and walked a little ways in, but the snow was too deep. As I was walking up the path, I thought Mathurin is buried here somewhere, I wish I knew the exact location. I took some photos of the beautiful church and also of parts of the cemetery. I have added two of the photos on my Memramcook Cemetery pages.
Now it would also be nice to know the exact location of where in Taylor Village Mathurin lived. There were also Cormiers living near him in Taylor Village, some of whom were my late husbands ancestors who later settled in Bouctouche.
On our drive we also passed the site where the first Leger lived, they have a cross at the location. What a nice day, I really enjoyed my drive.
Thank you for the visit and
have a nice day

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