Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hello, nice to see you as always. Well today my mother wanted to go to Shediac to buy some flannelette to make some baby things for my niece, so we picked her up. While we were in Shediac, I asked where the Shediac Cemetery was, and off we went to the cemetery. I wanted to take a photo for my Shediac Cemetery page on my website. I took several photos , and will now choose the best one.
Then when we took my mother home, my cousin dropped in, and we began talking about when we were young. Of course my mother was listening to us and she started talking about when she was young.
She told us about the time her two brothers and her went fishing for smelts. Her mother had crocheyed them a fish net. So off to the river they went. She continued to say, they would move the rocks and the smelts would swim and they would catch them. Now Mom had a brother with a crippled arm, who was always getting into mischief. But that day all he wanted to do was catch a fish, so they lent him the net and off he went up the river. My mother said a little while later they seen him coming down carrying the net and having a hard time doing so. When he got to them, he had the biggest trout in his net. They took it home and my grandmother set it in a pan, the head and tail of that trout over filled the bowl.
It is so nice sitting down and listening to my mother talk about her youth. For the ones of you who like stories, I am certain you must have relatives that can share some with you. Remember when they are gone, so are their memories. Save them now.
On another note: Yesterday Lucie and I worked on my website, and I mean we worked. Lucie told me what to do and I obeyed smile. She sure is a good teacher. Now if you check out my cemeteries, you will see on the sidebar one url called NB cemeteries, when you click on it you will come to another page with a drop down menu. It looks so very nice.All my cemeteries are together..I do hope some of you will get results from our joint project (Lucie and me).
Have a great day

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