Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well it has been a while since I last posted ,I hope you have all been doing good in your genealogy researching. Last Friday I went to the Centre D'Etude and met Maria, she is a very nice lady, and it was nice meeting someone from our genealogy group. I am hoping to meet more of you, perhaps at the congres mondial in 2009. Maybe we could have an acadianroots group, all stay at the same accomodations, eat at the same place, I can only afford McDonalds haha.
I also have put two genealogy pages up on my site, they are my ancestors, the Cormier's and Williams dit Bristol. I will probably be working on them to make them better as I go along.
Well soon it will be maple sugar time, I went to a sugar camp many years ago with my late husband. We went to Albert County in Elgin and it was a beautiful ride. We followed a little river for a long way before we hit the turnoff for the camp. The water was flowing quite fast at the time, and the snow along the side of the river made it look even nicer. At the sugar camp , we were shown all their modern ways of getting the sap from the trees, they had long pipes from tree to tree, I imagine our ancestors would really have appreciated the easier way to get the sap. I read in the history of Saint Louis that Mr Atkinson a historian wrote in 1844 where many families made between 1200 to 2000 pounds of maple sugar per year. So one maple tree could give at least six pounds of sugar per year. The ones who had maple trees on their land harvested enough syrop and sugar for the needs of their families and the rest they would sell. In the census of 1861 for Palmerston (Saint Louis) gave the amount of 5470 pounds of maple sugar as the production. If you ever go to Hillborough in Albert County in New Brunswick around this time of the year, you will still see the old fashion cans on the individual maple trees. I used to love the maple candy but as you know as we age we lose some of our beautiful teeth grin so eating the candy is very difficult . Now the maple cream is very very good but awful sweet, so a person cannot eat tons of it. And maple syrup on pancakes mmmmmm, delicioussssss. smile.
Thank you for listening and
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Maria Yoppolo said...

well it was very nice meeting you as well....and thanks for such a fun time....