Friday, February 09, 2007

Good morning or Good day to you, so nice to have you drop in. Would you like a cuppa tea or coffee ? Today I would like to share something different with you. Do you remember me telling you that I wrote little stories for my grandaughter about my mother when she was little? My mother told me many stories of her youth. I decided to keep my mother's memories alive and I gave my grandaughter a little book I made. My mother's name is Florence and in the book I named her Flossie and I told my grandaughter that Flossie was her great grandmother. My grandaughter is 12 years old and she treasures the book from her memere. Now there were siblings of Flossie there was Teetee and Deedee her brothers. Here is one of the stories I did.(oh and my mother is only 5ft 10 so she would have not been very big at the time).
Flossie was an avid little hunter. All her friends were amazed at how often she could hit the bullseye on a target in a tree.
Her father gave her a 22 rifle to go hunting, he let Teetee use his muzzle loader.
They used to go hunting across the road from their house. In the winter Flossie and Teetee used to wear snowshoes on their feet because the snow would be very deep and the snowshoes kept them on top of the snow.
Flossie helped her father make their snowshoes, her father would make the frames and Flossie would lace them, with laces made out of rawhide.
Not many times did Flossie and Teetee return without either a partridge, a rabbit or both.
They never encountered any bears during their hunting, I wonder how far the bear would have gotten with these two great hunters.
Maybe I will share more stories if you like them.
Have a great day

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