Saturday, March 03, 2007

Well I have finally had time to come and sit down and have a coffee break. Thank you for joining me. Would you like a cuppa tea or coffee or cocoa. Now a hot cocoa sounds pretty good with a nice slice of home made bread? But I don't have the bread smile. I tried to make bread one time, my mother said Aline here is how you make bread. You take this little dipper or pot fill it with a tad of sugar, and yeast cake, back then it was the square yeast cake. Add lukewarm water. Then she continued, you take so much flour and 2 tbsp of shortening and mix it all together and kneed it. Anyway I listened to her very very attentively, and one day ( I was newly married age around 19) I decided to bake my husband some bread and surprise him. So I did what I Though my mom had told me. Put the bread in the pans to let rise and then came time to bake my breads, I had made 4 whole loaves. Mmmmmm boy I was some proud of myself. The bread came out nice and golden brown. BUT when I came to cut the bread the loaves were hard as bricks. I tried to hide the loaves from my newly wed husband but , he caught me. And he never let me forget it and I never tried it again, Except in my modern bread machine. smile.
Now that you know what kind of cook I am I shall change the subject. grin.
Well today I have been searching for stories about the Campagnie Franche de la Marine. One of my ancestors came to Acadie as a footsoldier and I am interested in what kind of uniform he wore, what kind of rifles. I found some nice stories . In the Canadian Archives I found some nice articles. I found some other sites with information , I tried to contact them for permission to use some of their info. But the emails were returned. So if anyone out there is reading this and you know where I could find more information on these soldiers please let me know?
There is so much out there that is interesting on our ancestors, all we have to do is find it. I am also interested in obtaining photos of some of my ancestors, but on my paternal side they were too poor to have cameras back then. My maternal side is just the opposite. My grandmother used to take photos with an old Box Style Camera, the negatives are big. My mother continued the trend, I then kept it going, and guess what? My grandaughter loves to take photos of others too. smile.
I hope some of my blogs are giving some of you incentives to do the same things as I do or did. But dont try to make bread the way I tried. smile.
Have a great day

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