Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good morning, thank you for stopping by. I am having a nice cup of coffee, I drink Nescafe at home and Tim Horton's when I go anywhere. For the ones of you who do not know about Tim Hortons , well there are Tim Horton Coffee shops all around Canada,and in some parts of the USA. When I go to the city , I usually stop at a Tim Horton along the way for my coffee and tea biscuit. It is a ritual with me. grin.
Well I finally finished doing the Memramcook Cemetery, it was a big job, but I am so pleased that we have it on line Lucie and I. I am greatful to Lucie (Leblanc) Consentino for letting me share this project with her. Togetherness is a nice thing . And she is like my teacher smile, when I get stuck she is there to help, so Lucie thank you.
I have now begun the Bouctouche Cemetery, I am doing part one at the moment so check out our sites, the images are on Lucie's site , the names will be on my site
And if you just surfed in and need help with your acadian roots, you can always come to our yahoo group acadianroots , my members are all a great bunch of folks, willing to help if they can do so. I have to add that our group is one big family who gets along great.
Well back to work for me. Thank you for listening . Hello Eve and Cindy.
Have a great day

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