Friday, January 26, 2007

I was just surfing the net ,trying to find different ideas to add to my website, and I came across interesting articles regarding our acadian ancestors. For instance an acadian woman wore a lot of layers of clothing. She even wore a corset, now if the corset they mean is the one I am thinking about, did you ever watch movies and the ladies would have someone tighten their corsets by pulling the strings tight? Hmm, could the ones the acadian ladies wore be one of the same? I remember my mother saying that her mother used to make the children underpants called bloomers out of flour bags. Can you imagine wearing them with writing on the seat of your pants. grin. But I do remember my mother making some for me , not sure if she used flour bags but I remember they were sort of like shorts, but elastic on both legs and elastic at the top. smile. I sure must have looked cute huh? grin.
Mom said my grandmother even made dresses out of potato sacks. Maybe that is where the fashion era called the sack came from.... smile.
I was also reading about the acadian men wearing woolen underwear, they would wear them in winter and in summer, seems to me in the summer they would be hot. I also remember my father wearing them. his were grey.
Have you noticed some of the styles of shoes today? Some of them remind me of similar ones worn by my grandmother. My grandmother was only 4 foot 10 inches , and she wore a heel on her shoes. She was a very nice lady. I remember she would buy all year long gifts for her children she had 8 , their spouses and her grandchildren including me. She did not buy big things, just little things and do you know that I would look forward to her gifts, even if it was a hankerchief, it came from my grandmother and that is what mattered most. She enjoyed doing these gestures, my mother is the same , she is 88 years of age and she has a heart of gold. Thank you for listening, I love to share these little things with you.
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