Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Have you ever wished you could find something that belonged to your ancestors of long ago? I often thought about it. I have several souvenirs, of my grandmother and I have an old cracked dish that belonged to my grandfather's mother. I remember hearing my mother tell me about an old Chest or Trunk that my great uncle had, and I would love to have seen it because it had belonged to his grandfather ,the first Bergeron to come to Saint Paul, and apparently the name Bergeron was suppose to have been on that chest. I wonder who ended up with that chest ? hmmmmm.
I look at old photos and wonder what happened to that old saw that is in that photo? What kind of comb did my great grandmother use to put her hair up like that? She would not have used bobby pins, what kind of pin did she use to hold her hair up? What happened to great grandfather pipe that he used so much? Did he have a spitoon? smile. Did he chaw tobacco? He must have because I have a grocery list that he had ordered for to pay at the end of the month in 1873 and he bought tobacco. How good was my great grandmother at cooking? Did her mother give her some special recipes?
If you do not wonder about these things, look at your old photos, notice their clothes, the background. It sure is interesting to me.
I recently found a new cousin and her family, we share the same great grandfather, my grandfather and her grandmother were brother and sister. We have been sharing photos and sharing stories, and I am sure we will be sharing many more stories. It was such a nice feeling, getting to know her and part of her family, I havent met all of them yet. But sharing photos was so special, she had sent me a photo of an unknown couple, I looked at the photo and there was this little black and white dog with them, I looked at the dog and then I remembered I had a photo of my grandfather with a dog, sitting on a box,(he used to train that dog to do tricks), so I took out the photo and compared the dogs , yes it was the same dog and my mother looked at the photo sent to me by my cousin and said, that is my grandparents, my grandfather's mom and dad. So my cousin and I laughed about that and through the photos that we shared and are sharing it makes our ancestors so real.
Now changing the subject, I would like to say that I am now working on the Bouctouche Cemetery, I am nearly finished . As you must know , Lucie Leblanc Consentino and I are doing a joint Cemetery project, she is adding all the images on her site and I am copying the names from them, sort of like an index so that you will be able to come to my site, see if your loved ones have a tombstone in the cemetery , then you can go to Lucie's site and click on the image .Which will make it much easier for everyone. We have completed, Barachois,Cap Pele,Sainte Marie, Memramcook,I think we have Pre d'en Haut done,I have done so many I forget which ones , smile. I had done some Cemeteries before, no images just names, I did Saint Paul, Grand Digue, the Old Shediac Road cemetery, Richiboucto Village, the old Saint Antoine Cemetery, now Lucie has Saint Paul and Grand Digue on her site but they are not indexed on my site so far. In other words if you find your love ones in those cemeteries on my site they wont be indexted for now, that will probably be done at a later date. But at least it will tell you that they are there and on Lucie's site. Hope I did not confuse you too much. smile.
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Anonymous said...

Hello Aline
Thank you, for sharing the lovely stories about your grandparents. We know their lives were much different than of ours today, how hard they worked but were happy in doing so for their families. In reading your blog it brings back memories of my own grandparents, very fond memories I might add.
Thank you, to you and Lucie, for a all your dedicated work on the cemeteries. It will be a source for many in years to come as well. You will both leave your mark.
I enjoy reading your blogs.
Have a nice day!