Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well hello again, nice to see you. I imagine you probably came in through my website . So you have probably noticed I have added new things in my site. I have added part one and two of the Memramcook Cemetery from the images on Lucie's site, and I have added the nuns buried in Memramcook. I was always fascinated by the nuns when I went to school, I even though at one time I would have loved to become a nun. But that was before my late husband came into my life. grin. Then I only wanted to be a wife......and mother....
You will notice a photo on my nun page, that is me when I was 14 years old, and that nun was my teacher in grade eight. I remember after I left school many years ago, I worked at a nursing home and one day I was making the beds up when this beautiful lady came in and helped me, she did some volunteer work there, it was the first time I had saw her there, anyway she looked at me and said you are Aline Williams are you not? I looked at her in total awe, yes I replied . She said you don't remember me do you? I looked at her and all I noticed was she was very pretty, no I answered, well she said I taught you in grade eight, I am sister Elise Marie. Yes she was the nun in that picture you see with me. I only had pictured her with her habit, and never saw her in ordinary clothes. What a difference. She was a good teacher. You never know maybe she is reading my blogs somewhere. smile.
Now that my nun page is done, I will probably continue doing the Memramcook Cemery part 2 and 3. So I do hope you are all doing well in your genealogy research and please drop in again. A special hello to my new found cousin Eve and her daughter Cindy , because I do know they are reading this.
Have a great day everyone

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