Saturday, January 27, 2007

Good evening ,it is now 830 pm. I have done more packing, loaded up my car and ready to move,although I cannot move anything before the first of the month. grin.
I have added another page to my website, called Did You Know. I was trying to think of something different to add to make it more interesting for the viewers. So I have added little tidbits from here and there . I will try and keep on doing so as I go along. But since my books are all packed I will have to wait a bit longer.
And this morning my site received another award, I have added the award to my award page. I am very pleased .
My mother told me another story about my grandmother, I added part of it on my new page, and I am going to make a page on that story for my grandaughter to add to her book that I made for her called Flossy's adventures. Flossie is the name I used in the book and it is stories about my mother when she was young.
Today my mother said to me, it is good that you like hearing my stories and they can be passed down. I replied yes it sure is, I said if the grandchildren are not interested then maybe their kids or grandkids will enjoy reading about her later . I said I would have loved to hear stories about my ancestors way back. My mom said that her aunt was a great storyteller and everyone would gather at her place to listen, and she would talk to Mom about long ago. For instance she told my mother that Pelagie Bellefontaine married to Denis Cormier (these were my mothers great grandparents) had flaming red hair and her hair was so long that she sat on it.But she wore it in a bun. Isn't that nice to know?
Have a great day tomorrow

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