Thursday, July 27, 2006

well today I went to the cemetery to visit my late husbands grave, it has been seven years today that he is gone. The weather was perfect. I brought him a little bouquet of purple flowers and laid them in front of his stone next to some I had brought to him on fathers day. Time passes by, yet it seemed as if it were yesterday that he was here with me. So many love ones in the cemetery, they were all important to others just like me. If there is an afterlife, then I believe my husband is in heaven playing checkers with my father, with my father cheating haha.
While I was there , I wanted to find another lady's grandfather's stone, so I did find it, and took a photo to send her. I know she is going to be very happy to receive it. I want to return to the cemetery, to copy all the single tombstones that I do have have the names at the moment, I have most of the double tombstones except for the last two years or so. I also want to copy all the veterans , their graves are all located together, with the same kind of stone. Another project in the future. This is one of the reasons memories are something to have and to share, I have memories of my grandchildren's papa with whom I have been sharing with them.
have a great day.

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