Thursday, July 13, 2006

If only our ancestors could open their eyes today and tell us stories, wouldn't we be pleased? Browsing through old records , it seems as if they are trying to do just that. For instance in one census you find their families in one area , the next census they are elsewhere, meaning they had moved. Now ask yourself this question , 'why did they move?'. Could it be the head of the household found work elsewhere and moved his family there?
My grandfather was a saw filer, and he was known to be one of the best in his village. He went working in lumber camps all over, in the USA, in Quebec, in Cape Breton. Had my mother not told me this, I would still be looking for him. He also went to a school in Danforth Maine when he was seventeen, and taught school there for a short while. I recently located him through some of my group members being age 17 and a student.
I sometimes wonder if my ancestors were good musicians? Were they good singers? If so I don' t take after them ha ha. I cannot carry a tune, at least I couldnt when I was in school. My class was auditioning for a choir, and my cousin and I went to strut our stuff. I love singing but when I tried out, I think I started to sing O Canada, I hadn't finished the first bar, the nun told me Aline go home you are out of tune. But there are good singers among my cousins.
And my father played the harmonica and the jews harp.
Yes if only our ancestors could open their eyes, what a wealth of information we could have.
Have a great day.

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