Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yesterday I went to my genealogy center again, I feel so at home there, it is quiet and there is such a gold mine to be found, now I know how a prospector must have felt in the olden days. You keep looking for the mother lode, when you hit it , wow. That is the same with genealogy . The fever gets in your blood, you thirst for more information. I have been going there for a long time now, since 1976 , that is thirty years. And I never get tired of going. Yesterday I found some information in old documents that I never knew were there.
I have an acadian genealogy group, and many new members come in seeking help, they have hit brick walls, and they do not live near the acadian center thatI go to, so I am pleased to be able to find some of their brick walls. Yesterday I found information for two of our members , they were pleased.
But I am not the only one helping in our group. This is the first group that I have ever seen help out so much, it is amazing. Yep we are one big family, I am not saying this to drum up business, I am saying this because I am so proud of our group, and I do hope others will get the news that we try very hard to help .
I have created an acadian website also, on it I try to put anything acadian related, I have added music to some of the pages, and the latest thing that I have added is a board to share stories about our acadian ancestors. Even if you have one line that is acadian, then our group is for you, if you had ancestors in Quebec, that originated in Acadie, or if you are in the UK and you had ancestors originally from Acadie, or if you are a descendent from the exiled acadians, yep our group is the place to see. Enough of my boasting, but it does fill out today's blog.
If you are interested at all in Acadian genealogy and making new friends, click on the blue book in my website it takes you to our group,in the meantime just check out our website, I am sure you will find something acadian related you like.
Have a great day. http://www.geocities.com/ize_o_blue/index.html

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