Saturday, July 22, 2006

What a gorgeous day, but tonight it will be over, thundershowers expected. Today I went to get my hair done, and we have a long drive way to the road, and this little long eared brown baby rabbit was just sitting there. I drove towards him , do you think he would move? no way hosay, I had to open my car door , and yell "get out the road", well he made a beeline into the woods some fast. I did not want to hurt him, and was afraid he would run in front of my car.
There was a flea market nearby, so I went, well I saw some old photos in a old frame, and I began wondering " I wonder who these people were?" No names on the frames, it is such a shame that nothing is marked. I have some old photos given to me by my mother that she doesnt know who them were, they belonged to my grandmother. Again what a shame they cannot be identified. Today there are so many ways to preserve the photos, and marking who the were is a must otherwise our grandchildren one day will inherit the old photos and not have a clue as to who they were.
And if you have any aunts or uncles, who have photos in their possessions, talk to them, have some copies made off of them, ask them about the people in the photos , where did they live? Mark it down, begin a scrapbook , or a family book, you will certainly have made someone happy down the road one day.
Have a great day.

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