Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The weather is lovely, today it is suppose to be very humid. So not a good time to go out in the sun, since too much sun isn't good for you.
I received an email today from one of my members in my acadianroots group, and every once in a while I get some very nice letters either of appreciation of just a plain nice letter. Today's was about a lady who shares many similar things as I do. We are both into genealogy and we both have the same purpose, and that is to leave something important to our kids and grandkids when we leave this earth. As you all must encounter, for instance, photos , in old boxes, negatives in old boxes, no names, no dates, just a photo. Who were these people? That lady sure looked elegant, who was she? Look at the clothes they wore in those days, gee some of them look similar to some of our latest fashions. So now is the time to identify your photos, maybe making a scrapbook since today that is a hobby, or just create albums and list who these people were, and maybe even where they were living. You never know , maybe somewhere down the line someone will be looking so hard for this info. You can even put all your photos on CDs or DVDs.
They are very important. My grandmother took photos, my mother did to, and I am so thankful that they did.
A diary is also a great thing to do, I would really love to have had a diary written by my grandmother or greatgrandmother, knowing how they thought and felt, and what kind of things were important in their lives.
I cannot give lots of money and things to my grandchildren, but I sure can give them a sense of where they came from and my love.
Have a great day.

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