Monday, July 03, 2006

Well Canada day is over again for another year, Fourth of July is tomorrow. I wanted to go see the fireworks, and in our park we were suppose to have a few different bands playing music, so around 9.30 pm decided to go see, but all of a sudden rain started falling, thunderstorms rolled in, and everything was cancelled, it was sort of a dissappointment.
I wonder how our ancestors celebrated occasions? I do know they had picnic gatherings, that must have been fun for them. What did they do before the radio's came out? I imagine many of them learned how to play music, and entertained their family and friends. It would be nice to go back to a hundred years ago and see how our ancestors really lived. I know the women were busy with their chores, and the men worked in the fields and did some fishing. But what about their leisure time? Some could not read nor write so it makes me wonder. The women knit and sewed , maybe that was their passtimes, the men chewed tobacco , or smoked a pipe ,that could have been their pastimes. What kind of games did their kids play? I wonder how far back the game of hopscoth and kick the can go?
My mother told me, they used to climb trees, and eat the spruce gum, she said they used to go hunting partridge and rabbit when she was young. This would be in the late 1920's.
Mom also said they would go by the river and fish. She said one time her and her brother got into an old rowboat and rowed in the middle of the water and they discovered the old row boat was leaking, so Mom said her brother rowed the boat as fast as he could and she bailed out the water as fast as she could and they made it to safety.
Have a great day.

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