Monday, July 24, 2006

Been sitting here thinking "what would my faithful readers be interested in today?" So thinking back about my school years I remember things we did in school, one thing in paticular was giving and receiving valentines from our classmates. I remember Mom buying big books of valentines, for about one dollar, and me sitting down and addressing them to my friends. Now this was back in the early 1950s when I was around nine or ten. I was so excited when I would get some from my classmates. And my dear Mom saved some of them for me which she gave me long after I got married. I recently got in contact with someone who went to school with me, and it was so nice talking about our teachers, and what we did , where we went, then we wanted to exchange old photos, I did not have any but I found a few things with my friend's name on it and sent it. Plus I found a valentine I had received from this friend. So will share the valentine with you.
have a great day.

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