Friday, February 19, 2010

Who in the world is P'tit Francois?

Good morning everyone, and thanks for stopping by. On Thursdays we sometime go to the Bingo, don't ask if I win. grin. I could be one of two persons alone in that bingo hall and the other person would win it all. Sigh! Anyway as I enter the bingo hall, usually the french paper L'Etoile is at the entrance . It is a free newspaper so I usually pick it up if it is available if not I pick up the paper elsewhere. Anyway while we wait for the bingo to start, I open the French paper and make my way towards the back pages. There I find an article called "P'tit Francois des Bois". It is a weekly article written in french, and the french he uses is Chiaque or a slang used my many Acadians. It is a continuing story. P'tit Francois lives in Bouctouche Bay (Au Fond de la Baie). He is single and is having having problems with a couple of widows at the moment. He has one who lives at his house and he cannot get rid of her even tho he wants to and the other widow Edmee lives in a fancy house in Memramcook. At the moment P'tit Francois accepted an invitation to spend a few days with Edmee, but Rose is furious and she has followed them there. So while I am at the Bingo I try to translate the story to add on my webpage. I have not translated it this week yet, but am working on it. You can find the article on my website at , Look for P'tit Francois on the sidebar. It is written if French and translated to English so you can read both versions, the french is more hilarious because of some of the french sayings but the english translation is not bad either.
Changing the subject now, I am still reeling from finding my Abraham Chate and Ann Bennett's marriage and her death, now I need to find her line , and also the death of Abraham. Might take me another 30 years by then I will be up in age , grin. But my motto is 'one day at a time and never ever ever give up."
I sold a Moncton mug today, yippee. I will never be rich but the idea that someone likes something I created makes me feel very good. The penny on the keychain image here, is a 1910 penny, one hundred years old, could this keychain be a lucky charm? King Edward V11 was the king at that time and he died in 1910 as well. He was the great grandfather to Queen Elizabeth. You can see more items of this penny and other items as well on my gallery. My latest products are Butterflies, boy the swallowtail butterfly is beautiful.I have also added Eskimo dogs or sled dogs a few days ago. If you feel like having a look around, there are tee shirts, mugs ,stickers,keychains,posters,greeting cards and I even have created some ladies and children shoes, at* enjoy
Thank you for stopping by, if this is your first time, you can read my past blogs there are plenty of them to keep you busy.
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