Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coyote Attack in New Brunswick

Wanted to share this newspaper article with you that came out in the Moncton times transcript,
What a surprise to open the paper and this article on the front page described an attack on a woman in Saint Charles New Brunswick by a coyote while she was protecting her pet. Can you image the fear she must have felt? And had she not have been there she would have lost her precious pet. I once lived in the country not that far from there and where I lived they had cats, that were wild and some who were pets, and we would see a certain little cat around for a long time and poof it dissappeared so we had figured it was the coyotes. So if you live where coyotes have been seen please watch your pets. And if the coyote attacked the woman, who's to say it won't attack another human. We should always be aware of this.
Well we are having nice weather these days. Yesterday we went out and it was so very nice. The more days we have like these, the shorter our winter will be.
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Lori E said...

The poor coyotes here have been pushed out of their homes so people can build their own. It is a disgrace. They are starving in some areas here because even if they do survive the building all the food they would eat is gone and they start to look more closely at our pets to eat, although they would never turn one down for a snack even when food is plentiful.

alineskee said...

Lori I agree that the coyotes are losing their habitats, but what is more frightening is if they go after the pets, what about the children? Too bad something could not be done to help the situation, one girl died being attacked by two coyotes in Cape Breton sure makes a person wonder.