Sunday, February 07, 2010

Alzheimers and Genealogy

Alzheimer is a brain disease affection mostly people 65 and over, but there are cases of people as young as 30,40 and 50 getting the disease. Alzheimers is a progressive disease. People with Alzheimers are forgetful, they lose things,they get lost. They have mood changes at times.
Things that they used to do everyday are unfamiliar to them. There is a reason for my title as you will see later on.
We found out my late husband had Alzheimers in 1995, he was a very smart man. He was an electrician and a very good one. He could do crytograms without writing anything down, he would look at it and decifer it right away. I noticed he was forgetting first of all by his driving, his sense of direction was all wrong, he would be on the wrong side of the road and say he wasn't. It used to take him five minutes to fix a lamp, but it was at a point it took him over an hour and sometimes longer. Once we found out he had Alzheimers, he progressed very fast, from not walking, to not talking to not eating unless his food was pureed. It was a very hard time for the both of us. Me being the caregiver and him being the patient and not knowing why things were happening. I am so happy that before he took sick we shared his memories. He told me about when he was single and the things he did. The fun he had. And I made notes , not knowing that soon he would have Alzheimers. As you know Alzheimers is a mind taking disease. They cannot remember .He shared with me, a paticular story that was funny. If any of you remember the Canadian MP Claudette Bradshaw, well my husband was a great friend to her father and the boys used to all go there. My husband always wore shirt and ties and suits before he married me and he liked his beer, and anyway this paticular time he fell asleep on the sofa in his suit ,tie and white shirt. While he was sleeping someone put a live hen on his chest, and when he woke up, he saw it and said "Hya Chicken" and the chicken was so scared it dirtied all over his white shirt.
I found that to be so funny that I added it in a story book I made for my grandson.
So this is the connection with Genealogy and Alzheimers, before your love ones come down with the disease or if they are just beginning, Now is the time to ask questions about when they were young, maybe get them to tell you about favorite recipes, or first loves, how they met their spouses, if they remember their christmases of long ago. Ask them to talk about their parents, and be sure to have a tape recorder ,or a scribbler, or note book and your digital camera on hand. This is something you or your love ones will treasure later on. Because Alzheimers robs them of their memories, and when the memory are gone, there is no getting it back.
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