Saturday, February 13, 2010

St Bernard Church in Moncton and Tee shirts

Today I shall discuss two topics, the first will be the tee shirts because I could not add the images at the bottom of this blog.I shall continue about St Bernard after.
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Now getting to Saint Bernards Church in Moncton New Brunswick:
Saint Bernard is the Mother Church of Moncton City, and the cradle of its Catholic community. There were no Catholics among the first who settled in what was to become the city of Moncton after the Exile of the Acadians. A first church had been built by the Acadians near the site of the actual Bore Park called La Chapelle and the surrounding area was called Terre Rouge.(translation Red Earth). This whole area was plundered and burned by the ravages of Scott at the time of the deportation in 1755. Thomas Cocoran an Irishman who arrived in 1810 was maybe the first of many others of his catholic faith in the Moncton area. As the population grew the Mass was said in private homes and in the Free Meeting house on Steadman Street. This prompted Father FX Lafrance of Memramcook to buy in 1851 a lot of land for the building of a church. However twenty years had passed before a first church was built by Father John Murray pastor of St Anselme. Five years later Father FX Cormier began building a bigger church which was finished April 20 1879 by Father William Foley,Moncton's first resident priest. Three years later in 1882 with the appointment of Father Henry A Meahan as Parish Priest Moncton City became the parish if St Bernard. The families of Irishtown were also served by the new parish. The 3rd St Bernard cornerstone was laid in 1888 . The first Moncton native ordained as a priest was Francis Walker 1916. Father Meahan was replaced in 1905 by Father Edward Savage pastor till 1938. The Moncton Cathedrale was built in 1914 . My father was baptized in St Bernards, his father was born there and his grandfather Jake Williams married Osite Leger in St Bernards so that church is special to me. My grandparents married in the Moncton Cathedrale in 1914 .So they were among the first to marry there.
I found most of this information in a book I bought today called 50th Anniversary of the Moncton Diocese. Very interesting book.
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