Friday, February 05, 2010

Will it be as good as Roots?

I am certain many of you have watched the television series Roots by Alex Haley, it told the story of an african boy kidnapped and sold into slavery and the saga continued with his daughter and grandson. It was a very good story. And from that show, it got a lot of people interested in tracing their families. Now I just received word that on March 5,at 8pm/7 Central time,NBC is going to air a new show called Who do you think you are? The idea was taken from a UK TV show which got a lot of people into genealogy. The one that will air on NBC is going to be celebrities finding their roots. This should be very interesting. Some of the ones taking part are Brooke Shield,Susan Serandon,Sarah Jessica Parker,Emmitt Smith. I am anxious to see the show, since I like Susan Sarandon, and Sarah Jessica Parker. And this show just might get more people interested in their roots. I wonder if there will be some important people among their ancestors, maybe there were pirates,or kings or who knows. Maybe by watching the show we just may see some of our ancestors branching into these celebrities lines. I hope some of you will catch the show. You can read more about it at

Now speaking about family trees, I have added a few genealogy items in my gallery,and probably will be adding more. My Acadian/Cajun folder has some things too.I also created a nice invitation for a family reunion, I have added it here. It can be found at* in my greeting card folders.
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