Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where is Aline?

That must be the question circulating on the web the last few weeks. Well on Feb.22 I had foot surgery and I really ,honestly believed I would be up and about within a few days. Not so.
To make matters worse, thought I was smart and decided to try the crutches first day, bad bad mistake. I fell. So off to the Emergency I went. Didn't damage the surgery, but sure had a lot of pain. A few days after that , I noticed a rash on my jaw line, I figured it was from the pillow or sofa, thought nothing of it, but the next morning it was spreading, so I read the side effects from my pills, oh no a rash can occur meaning an allergic reaction,so back to the Emergency I went.
The doctor came it and said "My dear you have the "Shingles". I could not believe it, I have never had them before. So I am on pills for that too. Yesterday back to the Emergency ,the doctor removed the stitches in my foot ,(talk about hurt) he said it was because the stitches were very tight and then he bandaged my toe really tight to keep it straight and left the pin in my other toe to be removed in three weeks. I haven't walked yet, I will need to walk on my heel, am not very brave right now. But I am going to get a Boot Cast as soon as I can have someone take me, it is like a shoe with a small heel. I hope it will give me more steady support.
Now that is what happened to me, my friend was suppose to help me at home and didn't he land in the hospital the second day, he has a bad heart and when he went to the hospital they transferred him to a heart hospital for heart surgery, he will be getting a quadruple bypass.
So as you can see, I have a good reason for not blogging. Today I was wheeled here for a little while so I decided to come and blog.
I did a few more articles for my store, and I also sold a postcard today, yeaaaa. But it is going to take me a little while longer to get back to normal. Right now my foot is getting a little numb.
So I will say bye for now,keep checking back,I did not want you to think I stopped blogging,
Have a great day
Thanks for the visit


Ginger said...

Oh, my! You have had a hard time lately but your readers didn't know until now. I hope that you are not in pain now and are able to rest and recuperate from your surgery and shingles. What a terrible affliction! I also hope that your friend's heart surgery goes well.

I miss your interesting blog posts regarding genealogy and look forward to your return to good health and to blogging. Be sure to let people know what they can do to help you as you recuperate.

Best wishes,
Ginger in Sainte-Anne-de-Kent

alineskee said...

Thank you Ginger,will be back in full force as soon as possible.
I am getting better every day.

Gini said...

So sorry you are going thru so much stuff right now. Take your time and heal as you need to, we will be here waiting for you.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Aline.