Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Genealogy and why I am so happy

Well somedays a person gets up and go through the everyday motion, you get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, do your chores and get on the computer. grin.But today I got up, washed , no breakfast no chores but headed for my

Well as you know one of my hobbies is genealogy. I have been into genealogy since way back in 1976, and I have stumbled upon many a good story about my ancestors but some of them were elusive, they were in hiding somewhere. My great grandfather only choose to let me find his death about two years ago and I had been searching since 1976 can you imagine? And can you imagine how excited I was when I went and looked in the Provincial Archives and lo and behold there he was .So that solved that search, then I had other ancestors hiding somewhere, but these were way far away in England. Now to do research in England when you are in New Brunswick Canada is not an easy chore. I had written to different addresses in England before I had a computer and way back then, I did my research by writing and asking. So a thorn in my side was my Abraham Chase that is the name he was known under when he arrived in New Brunswick and on his first record which was his marriage to Marie Rose Girouard the priest had different spelling for his surname, they had Kess,Quessy,Chase, so I worked with all these surnames to no avail. The census said he came from England. Not much to go on huh? Anyway one day I was looking to land grants and didn't I find my Abraham but his surname was listed as CHATE. Oh boy a clue. Also his marriage record said his parents were Abraham Chase and Nanette Rose. Hmmm.So to the Mormon Site one day I went looking, and didn't I find my Abraham Chate born in Deptford England son of Abraham Chate and Ann?, also found another brother and sister to my Abraham. Now this was a long time ago that I found all this info.I have been looking ever since for information on his parents, I have the Chate line all traced back to the early 1600s but I had no last name for Ann nor a date of marriage. Today I hit paydirt. I will give you my source in a second, didn't I find the marriage of Abraham Chate and Ann BENNETT (which sounds like Nanette) married in 1790 in London England. Now maybe my Abraham told the priest (remember Abraham must have had a British Accent and the priest was French) that his mother was Bennett instead of Nanette and the priest could have misunderstood.Then I went to look for the death of Ann Bennett and I found her in Deptford England where my Abraham was born , I havent found the death of Abraham husband of Ann yet. But I am so excited to finally have found this couple. I don't have the parents of Ann Bennett so far, I do hope I can find her.Where did I find this? Well I got an email today from, they have added new records and they have Births,Marriages and Death Records for London England. They also have more records for Connecticut,Vermount,Delaware,Ohio, and they are expecting to add more. If you are interested in subcribing to Ancestry, I believe I have a link going to them on the sidebar. And now speaking of London England,yesterday my Mom gave me a 1910 penny that she polished and cleaned for me to use on my gallery so I have created some keychains,magnets,stickers,tee-shirts,mugs,and what I am most proud of is the binder that you see. One the front I added the front of the penny or cent with King Edward V11 on it, he was Queen Victoria's son and Queen Elizabeth's great grandfather. On the back of the binder I added the other side of the penny or cent. This binder can be used for anything you want, a journal, an album, genealogy records,workbooks ,school binders and much more and you can even name the binder . You can find these items at*
So I do hope you have enjoyed my blog, one last note I would like to say, when doing your genealogy or family tree never ,ever,ever, give up.It took me 34 years to find my marriage of Abraham and Ann Chate.
Have a great day

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