Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cows? Why am I posting this photo? Well as you know I am into kitchen cows at the moment, it is an addiction for the moment grin. And Bells? Why the bell? Well I collect bells too. I must have over 300 by now, and today I went out, when I returned I decided to go check to see if I had any mail. As I opened the door, I spotted this package by my front door. Who could be sending me a package? I am expection some books but this box did not look to be the correct size, so I hastily brought the parcel inside, I shook it, not a jingle to be heard. Oh there is the address of the senders, it came from Scotland. Now I am getting excited, because I have some very good friends in Scotland, I met them on line about nine years ago, gee time flies. Anyway they just returned from a trip to Paris. I wanted to sneak inside their luggage and go on the trip grin but they lived too far away. So I opened the box and they had it taped quite well, so I worked hard to get the box opened. smile. When I finally opened the box, I found this beautiful Bell with Paris written on it, ( Thank you very much JEAN) and next I found this eifel tower cow, I could not believe my eyes, an eifel tower cow. (Thank you Harry). So I wanted to share this with all of you. What beautiful gifts just for me all the way from Paris France.

Today we had rain, and I mean lots of rain. We went to run an errand and my driver side window was open, and I thought it was closed, it started to downpour and yes my seat got all wet and so was I. It is suppose to rain again tomorrow, but it should cool down the air, tonight I went to the bingo and it was so hot there that this lady got sick and they had to phone for an ambulance for it. The heat got to her.

Have not much news on genealogy this time, have not worked on my website today, it was errand day and laundry day. But I would like to remind you that if you are interested in joining our acadian genealogy group, you can do so by going to my website and then to the sidebar and click on the acadian group and follow instructions, , for you newcomers, my group is by invite only but that doesn't mean I don't want you there, I am just trying to stop the spamming. Thanks for the visit, please stop by again.

Have a great day


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