Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am standing in Beaubassin, or where Beaubassin used to be with Mister Charles Burke who is the head of archeology for Parks Canada, and we have a message to all of you out there.
Right now they are doing archeology digs where we are both standing, and Mister Burke has asked me to tell everyone I can, that you are all welcome to go down to view the diggings, you can also participate in the Archeology digs, but you have to register to do so. You can register at Parks Canada Office at Fort Beausejour. My friend and I were there yesterday, and I did not know we were allowed down there, but we were told we could go. I took some photos and will be making a page on my website about it. If any of you go to dig or to take photos and you want to share them with me to add to my page I would appreciate it very much. You can contact me through my website at with beaubassin in the subject line .I will not tell you much about my day yesterday until I do my webpage, then I will take you with me on my tour. I was standing in this field thinking " I cannot believe I am standing on where the acadian village of Bearbassin actually was. Could Thomas Cormier have lived close to where I walked? Could his children have played where I am walking? The view of the river is beautiful, I did not take any photos of it, I should have. And I was told where what they believe is the approximate place of the church.
Anyway I would like to encourage you, if you are able to go, to do so. I do know that Ronnie Gilles LeBlanc was going there today. If you do not know how to get there, go to the Nova Scotia, New Brunswick border, and follow the Fort St Lawrence Road past the Tourist Bureau towards the water, if you pass a little bridge with a grey barn on the right side, you are going the right way, you will see the piles of dirt in the fields and probably some archeologists doing what they do best, uncovering a piece of our past. Mister Burke told me that one of the girls found an artifat in real good condition, will tell you more when I do my page.
Have a great day, thanks for the visit, and if you go for a drive, head towards Beaubassin, then go to Fort Beausejour .

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