Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Acadie, well next month on the 15th of August will be our National Acadian Day, so first of all I needed some Acadian decorations . So off to the dollar store we went, but to our amazement there were no Acadian Day stuff there, we were told that other dollar day stores did not have them either now what? Ok off to the Great Canadian Dollar Store, it is a bit more expensive than the dollar store, so we went to Bouctouche for our stuff. Oh there are some flags, we need two of those, oh and one for my car, and a magnet for my car, and two glass holders for our drinks, and a shopping bag to put our stuff inside. It is a good start. Next it was off to Moncton and to our Canadian Dollar store, ohhhhhh they have hats, but not sure if I will get one for me, I shall see.
Now where are we going to go this year for Acadian Day, we already went to the Pays de la Sagouine a few times, we went to Cap Pele, we went to Dieppe last year, what about going to Memramcook this year? So we phoned to see what was going on. There will be a mass, then acadian food (mmmm), then music, then the tintamarre, and more music. Yes we shall be going there this year. As many of you know, Memramcook is also known as the cradle of Acadie in New Brunswick. I am sure many of your ancestors may have been there . So it will be nice to go celebrate Acadian Day in Memramcook this year. I shall take photos . All the celebrations are being held not far from the church.
Speaking of Acadie, now the excitement is beginning to mount regarding the Congres Mondial 2009 in Caraquet, we are planning on attending ,not sure which reunion yet, but I am hoping to also meet many of my online friends and members of my genealogy group along the way, and also if any of you will be in New Brunswick on July 18/19 next year and you have Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise somewhere among your ancestors, your name does not have to be Bergeron, it can be Godin, it can be Bellefontaine, it can be Roy, it can be anyone who branches into the Bergeron line along the way, there is going to be a Bergeron dit Damboise reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick to be held at Wilmot Park, we have folks coming from all locations, the Societe Historique de Riviere St Jean is also having a celebration at the same time to commemorate the massacre of the Acadians in Saint Anne des Pays Bas. For more information on the Bergeron Reunion contact me or Lawrence Bergeron at .
Well I hope you liked today's blog, thank you for stopping by, remember to celebrate in some way for Acadian Day. Or even hang a flag outside.
Have a great day.

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