Monday, July 07, 2008

Well Summer is here and it is time for family get togethers and fun. There will be lots of festivals, and exhibitions . My friend Effie sent me an article that I tried to post here and it did not show good so I shall give you an idea what it was about.
From July 26 to August 15 Clare Nova Scotia will be celebrating its 53 Festival Acadien.It is expected to attract 40,000 participants to Southwest Nova Scotia to celebrate Acadian people and culture.Three big outdoor concerts running from 7pm to 2 an with no intermission and open to all ages are slated for the Club Social of Clare in Little Brook.This year's line up include New Brunswick's George Belliveau known as the Acadian Keith Urban with guitarist Dylan Robichaud in his band,Chatouille ma Bourique featuring Grand Derangement, the second concert brings cajun music Chris Miller and the Bayou Roots from Lake Charles Louisiana,Cajun Chef and musician Richard LeBoeuf, and the Pine Leaf Boys.JP LeBlanc is among the ones in the closing concert he plays blues. The closing concert on Acadian Day will follow the Tintemarre,in which people decorate their cars and bang on pots n pans or play loud music, anything to make noise as they make their way from the St Bernard Church and Meteghan and Salmon River fire station to the Club Social beginning at 6 pm.And there is much more, to order your tickets go to . This sounds like a really good time .
Now here in Dieppe New Brunswick ,every wednesday evening at the parc they will be having music for the summer, it is free, all we need to do is bring our own chair.
I am not sure where we will be going this year for Acadian Day, I already went to Bouctouche one year, to Cap Pele and Dieppe also. I would love to go to Memramcook, and bring my tent, but at the moment we have not made a decision on where we will go. I love acadian music, and I love cajun music. Can you imagine the CMA2009 next year? I bet there will be lots of music, and fun.Looking forward to going, and meeting all my online friends and many members of my genealogy group.
Now I am also hoping that many Bergeron,Damboise,Godin,Bellefontaine, descendants will be attending our Reunion in Fredericton next year.The reunion will be held at Wilmot Park, across from the old Acadian Cemetery , and across from where the old Acadian Church once was.Here is more about the reunion

This story begins in the last decade of the 17th century. When in 1692 Governor Villebon granted Point Saint Anne (all of the lower part of today’s Fredericton) to Gabriel Godin. (The census of 1693 confirms this fact for us) Gabriel Godin and his wife, Andree-Angelique JEANNES settled the village of Point Saint Anne. During the following years the village prospered and grew. Then in February 1759 a small force of British Troupes (16 men) led by a Lt Moses Hazen raided and destroyed the Acadian village of Pointe Sainte Anne, as a consequence of this raid some innocent civilians were killed. These civilians were hastily buried in the village cemetery. This cemetery has since been mistakenly identified as an Indian Cemetery when in reality it is an Acadian Cemetery.
Now, we fast forward to 1933 when the cemetery was once again disturbed! This time by a Dr. Wintemberg who came to Point Saint Anne with the expectations of finding pre-historic (First Nation) remains and was surprised to find, buried closely together, and in one case two in one grave, not Indians, but Europeans. In all, seven skeletons were examined. (Two of these remains were those of Anastasie Godin and Madeleine Guilbaut) In no case was there any evidence of Indian (First Nation) at the site. The remains of the two women were removed to Ottawa where they remain today. As Acadian’s and descendants of Anstasie’s family our desire is to have her (their) remains returned to her (their) rightful resting place, Pointe Saint Anne. And the cemetery there properly identified and declared as a National Historical Site.
The Bergeron-Damboise families are planning, in conjunction with The Society of History of the River Saint Jean (SHRSJ) a commemoration of the 250 year anniversary of the destruction of the village. We are calling for all Acadians to rally with us in Fredericton on the weekend of the 18th/19th of July (Saturday and Sunday) 2009. This calling includes all Acadians who are descended from the Godin, Saindon, Pare, Bergeron, St Aubin Families as well as any other family group. Please contact Aline Cormier ( or Lawrence Bergeron ( for further details.

So today my blog was all about events , thank you for the lovely visit, and please think about all these events and reunions, hope to meet some of you at some of the events. Have a great day

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