Friday, July 25, 2008

Date October 3 1876
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
Source Daniel Johnson
A gentleman in Gloucester Co. recently came across some relics of the past while exploring the archives of the late Hugh MUNRO, Esq. and sent copies to a friend in St. John who has a taste for such curiosities ... But one of the most curious of these old papers is a copy of an undertaking to marry John YOUNG made by one Cicile PETRE. It runs as follows: This Present Certifies - That I, Cicile PETRE daughter of Mary PETRE of Nipisiquit, Bay Chaleur, Do by these Presents before god and the witness hereunto Promise to Marry John YOUNG, Cordweaner of said Nipisiquit and Do by the True Christian faith Promise to perform this obligation of Marriage by the first Opportunity when any of his Majesties Justices of the Pease come to this Settlement. In failure of this Obligation I Cicile PETRE do hereby bind my Self Under the penalty of Twenty pounds to be paid to John YOUNG and Do hereby set my hand and Seal this Eighteenth Day of January in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and three (1803) - (LS) Signed in Presence of Fr'anc's COMMEAUX Jr., James SUTHERLAND.
I did a bit of research and this has to be verified but I found that Cecile Pitre was born in Nicolet Quebec daughter of Michel Pitre and Marie Joseph Orillon ,she married John Young .
John and Cecile must have married in Bathurst,(Nipisiquit was Bathurst) and probably waiting for a missionary or priest to come by and marry them. Now I found at ancestry that John Young was born in Caraquet in 1785 son of John Young and Marie Dedam,and that Cecile married a second time to a LeBreton. Another sources says that John came from Scotland, so need to find his birth in Caraquet to see if it is correct.
One .Cecile Pitre died in Tracadie NB widow of her second husband LeBreton, all of the info I found has to be verified . . Well I just found a birth of a John Young in Caraquet born March 25 1785 baptized May 21 1786 son of John Young and Madeleine Dedam.
Pretty interesting stuff huh?
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JL Young said...

that is interesting. My name is Jason Young and I am from Bathurst and now live in Fredericton. I was told that I was descended from John young who was a scotish immigrant who arrived in Bas Caraquet and was a ship builder. He was married to a MicMac maiden named Madelaine Dedame. I don't know anything between then and now but wasd curious as to how I would look this up?