Saturday, July 26, 2008

Today I would like to write my blog in memory of my husband Gerry who passed away July 27 1999. He died of Alzheimers disease at the age of 71. Gerry was a well liked man by all who knew him. He was an electrician with a heart of gold, I remember nearly every Christmas Eve ,someone would phone to say my oven isn't working, my turkey needs to be cooked, Gerry would leave ,and go fix their stoves, and when it came to to be paid, he would say, never mind and Merry Christmas.
He did things on impulse, one time a friend of his came over and said,Hey Gerry wanna go to Montreal to see a hockey? Sure replied Gerry Let's go!, So his friend had to go home to get packed, Gerry said I will meet you at the train station, when Gerry got there, his friend wasnt there, so off to Montreal went Gerry, his friend took the next train and met up with him in Montreal. Another time some friends of ours came over I remember it was Mother's Day and they had just came from a dance, my Gerry had a few drinks and I remember he has his house coat on, not shaven, no shirt, and anyway the man said , Hey Gerry, wanna go to Haverhill? Sure replied Gerry ,Let's go, now remember Gerry had a few drinks, I tried to talk him out of it, but we all ended up going, Gerry got in the car, in only his housecoat, over his pants, no shirt, not shaven. Well when we got across the border he awoke from a sleep, and said "where are we? " But he did not get mad, he laughed about it.
Now Gerry was a good sport, he said yes to everything, and Gerry always carried a hanky, and always was blowing his nose, so this paticular Halloween, us girls wanted to go to a Halloween dance and get costumed, so Gerry said ok, we had his dressed up very good, when we got to the dance floor, someone said you look familiar, but not a word from Gerry, and at this dance Everybody knew him, except for this night. So all night long, no one knew, then we had to go in a circle for the judging of the costumes, in the middle of the circle, Gerry pulls out his hankey. grin. The entire dance hall yelled "It's GERRYYYYYYYY. grin.
He was a great dad to our son, I could not have asked for better, he loved our son so very much. I have photos of them together, I have lots of photos. And when our two grandchildren were born, my Gerry was so happy and so proud. He loved our grandchildren so very much. And they loved him. He was Papa to them.
Tomorrow I shall be going to the cemetery, I shall place a little bouquet of flowers there, just to let him know he is not forgotten. The following is a little poem I just made in memory of him:
July twenty seventh is the day
God came and took Gerry away
Nine years ago this very day
He had to go, he could not stay.
He is not really gone ,you see,
Because he left me good memories
Little things he did and said
They are all tucked inside my head.
To me he will always be number one
Because he gave to me our son
And if you were one of his friends
I am sure you'll meet him again.
Gerry if you hear me
From somewhere up above
Know that we miss you
And we send our love.
Aline, John,Jo, and granchildren.


Anonymous said...

Aline, thank you, for sharing the wonderful story about your late husband. Also the beautiful poem, in memory of Gerry, he was a wonderful man and I am sure is looking down and looking out for his family.
You have a nice day.

alineskee said...

Thank you Effie, I do believe he is looking down on us. I went to the cemetery as I had planned, put a fresh little bouquet of flowers on his grave.

Anonymous said...


After talking to you this morning, I checked out your Blog. I am so very glad I did. I miss Dad so much.

I Love You,


alineskee said...

Hi John, I am so glad you came in to read it. I miss him too and I love you with all my heart John.