Sunday, August 03, 2008

Old photos are something to treasure, old photos are something to share with others. The reason that I have started my blog this way is because as you know I have a photo gallery on my website at and some of my genealogy members have given me permission to add some of their old and special photos to my gallery. So if you have the time, drop in and check out the latest photos, I have added some LeBlanc,some Cormiers,some Vienneaus,Saulnier,Gray,Allains. As I told my members, it is good to post their old photos in hopes that others who share the same ancestors can see and copy them for their own use. I know that if I were to go to a site where there were old photos of some of my ancestors I would be so very grateful to be able to have a copy of them. And I sort of am hoping that one day I will see some of my Williams dit Bristols, Meunier,Boudreau,Cormier even Bergeron ancestors .
I have also added a bit more on my Beaubassin Dig, and I have more photos to add, one of my members Rick dropped in to bring me some articles and photos that he took of the dig ,I am pleased that he did so. I believe that this Archaelogy dig is a great thing, to try and learn about our ancestors way of living and finding artifats along the way. Rick's nephew I believe found a shoe buckle, it is sqare, and it could have come from either the english or the acadians, it will be nice to find out later on. I wrote to the Amherst Daily newspaper for permission to leave an article that was posted in their paper on my page, so if they do not give me permission, then I will remove it . I do hope they do give me permission to leave it .
Getting back to the old photos, if you have any old photos back in the early 1900s and you would like to share them with others, please contact me or add a comment at the bottom of this blog. Now to end my blog for today, I would like to share something with you. My son and his family got themselves a new dog last october his name is Buddy and he is a hound dog, the ones who howl. Anyway we went over to visit a few days ago, and Buddy was excited to see me, and he didn't like George's hat so he growled at George until he took off his hat, I had taken off my sneakers not to dirty my daughter in law's floors, and when it came time to leave I picked up one of my sneakers to put it on, and Buddy came running about 90miles an hours across the floor, stole my other sneaker and ran for the hills, haha. My son had to chase him to get my sneaker away from him. My grandson had told me a few minutes before that Buddy could do tricks, I think this was one of them haha. Thanks for the lovely visit,please stop by again.
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