Monday, July 14, 2008

Antiques are the in thing lately , I went to a yard sale, and they had this old barrel, and old milk can, and an old wheel for sale. My daughter in law would love those.
Then over the weekend we had a car show, with old antique cars, there were all kinds, and they were all restored ,with different paint jobs, there were orange cars, purple, yellow, green, there were old fords, old studebakers, mercurys and so on. So I was chatting with my friend and into the conversation we said, well if they are restoring cars, and collecting antiques, why could we not restore our ancestors old clothing , and wear them? Can you imagine us ladies wearing the long dresses, and aprons, and wearing our hair in a bun, and wearing the granny shoes. grin. We could get a pair of old granny eye glasses too.
And not to forget you men out there, you could wear old red flannel underwear, haha, and wooden shoes, and baggy pants with suspenders. grin.
Us ladies would have to wear a long peticoat under our dresses. You would think that would be some hot during the summer but I bet the mosquitos and black flies would give up trying to bite us, they could not find us under all those clothes. grin.
We could start wearing fancy hats again, I remember when I was newly married and would buy a new outfit, the hat was included in the wardrobe.
I look at old photos, and I notice in the early 1900s some of the ladies looked prim and proper with their high neck blouses, and long sleeves. I love old photos of our ancestors, I am always asking for old photos of our Acadian Ancestors to add to my photo gallery to share with all of you. But there is also another reason I keep asking for them, and that is in hopes some of the photos will be of some of my ancestors or their siblings.
Well as you know, I have added my trip to Kamouraska on my site at , I am now working on something else to add to my website. It is only little tidbits but to someone out there it may be a clue about their ancestor. I also want to say, I am proud of my website, I am working hard to make it interesting,but like everyone else , there could be errors here and there, so if you happen to see something that you are interested in, always verify it ok? Some things that I add , is to sort of give you an idea where to look.
Now it is coffee time, so thanks for the lovely visit, and do drop by again.
Have a great day

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