Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well my brown ground did not stay brown very long, we had snow yesterday as you can see by my Sob on the window. But today it is all gone again. It is just the idea of seeing it again. Had I been rich yesterday I think I would have flew to Crail Scotland, or maybe even London England and spent the day at the archives. grin.
I am working on adding photos on my site again, but it wont be a gallery as I had it before, I won't take a chance for now. It is hard when a person doesn't know much about HTML so I am trying to learn slowly. I cannot make my photos thumbnails so they will be big on my page and I am not going to add them side by side, I wish I could and write something beneath them. Maybe I will improve with age. grin. But in the meantime you will be able to view some photos, at the moment I am adding my photos. For the ones who went to my site at and tried to view my award page, it is now up and running, I cannot believe that all the time , that page could not be accessed, I found the problem and corrected it.
I have new members who joined my genealogy group .Our group is doing very well ,we are the moment trying to help someone find something she has been looking for ,but unable to find for a long time. I sure hope we can find at one thing for her, a date, a location, anything at all that will stear her in the right direction. Team work sometimes is a great thing, especially when you have a group such as ours. So as I said in my past posts, if you want to join us, let me know. We are more into Acadian and Cajun but we have some french canadians, I would love to have more french canadians join us, who can help others with their lines too.
Also I would like to add this note ,just in case some people from Moncton or Parkton are reading this too, I am looking for old photos of Parkton, Georgetown,Saint Paul de Kent, if you have any and want to share please let me know.
Thank you for the lovely visit, have a great day.

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