Saturday, April 19, 2008

My name is Thunder the dog and I am addicted to "Tim Bits at Tim Hortons". This is the truth, now I just mention going for a coffee, he is front and center blocking the door saying you are not leaving without me. I need my fix too. grin. We go to Tim Hortons, he waits in the van, when we get back to the van, he comes up to me, and sometimes I put the timbit in my pocket and you can be sure he does a thorough search for it.
Well I have added another parish record on my site, have any of you heard of Clair New Brunswick? Well it is a small village situated on the St John River across from Fort Kent Maine USA. So I thought that many some of the folks travelled from the USA to New Brunswick or to Maine from New Brunswick. I have only added a few marriages and births. I notice some Soucy, Nadeau, Lang,Thibault,Theriault and others that I cannot remember right now. So if you have looked everywhere else for your ancestors and not found them, it doesn't hurt to have a look in Clair New Brunswick.Now the records are not complete, so if you see some names familiar to you, then you will have an idea where to look further.
My Mom will be 90 years next month, so our open house plans are going well, we will have pot luck and bring her cards, gifts or best wishes. My sister is coming home from the USA and she is going to make the cake, she and my brother are both good at making and decorating cakes. I am only good at eating them. grin.
Must share this with you , I have been contacted with a lady asking me if I knew any Goguen families from my home town, and I said yes I knew so and so, and so and so, she replied Oh My! You do? Anyway after a few conversation, she posted a photo of her uncle with another man, and I looked at the photo and there was my late husband, all dressed up fancy, top coat, shirt n tie. It was taken before I met him . What a surprise, so I sent it to my son, because I know he is going to love the photo. A person never knows what he will find on the internet, I have posted asking for old photos of Parkton in New Brunswick, and old photos of Saint Paul in New Brunswick, you never know, I may get good results one day.
Thank you for the lovely visit, as always I enjoy chatting with you.
Have a great day,hello to my cousins in Maine, and my friends in Scotland and on PEI.

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