Thursday, April 17, 2008

Soon it will be the time to start making plans for the Congres Mondial 2009 to be held in Caraquet in Northern New Brunswick. So I am hoping that I will be able to make it, and meet many online friends. Also next year is the Bergeron dit Damboise reunion to be held in Fredericton New Brunswick in July. The group that I belong to is inviting Godins to the reunion and anyone who has Berthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve Serreau somewhere in the family tree line. So there will be lots going on in 2009. Something to look forward to.
I am going to mention the following querrie we are trying to solve. We are looking for a Vital Theriault married to Sara Dupere. They had a son Joseph born 1856. Vital Theriault died before 1860 because Sara Dupere married an Achille Auclair .in 1860. we are looking for either the marriage of Vital and Sara Dupere, or the death of Vital Theriault.
Joseph Theriault took the name of his stepfather and he married Georgianna Hill in Skowhegan Maine in 1877. So this is really a brick wall. Sara Dupere was born somewhere in Quebec, could have been near Riviere du Loup since some of her siblings were born there. But where did Vital come from? If any of you readers have any info, please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog. Thank you.
We have more members joining our genealogy group, I wasnt pleased at how to find my acadianrootsclub group , I went to Yahoo and had a hard time finding it, then I clicked on it, and it said by invite only and it did not look inviting, I cannot change it . So what I did is I created another yahoo group, my group now does not have to join it, but if anyone surfing the yahoo groups finds my new group home, I have added a message to steer them to our acadianrootsclub room. In other words they will join the new group and then I can invite them to our group. This was suggested to my by yahoo.
Today the weather is so beautiful, a sign that soon summer will be here. I hope you are all having nice weather wherever you are. We had enough of the cold and the snow don't you think so? Thanks for the lovely visit. Do drop in again.
Have a great day

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