Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brown for ground, grin. Snow is going away, I can see the ground.Next will be the warmth. Yesterday we were on our way to the country and these two ducks were crossing the road, and would you believe? They thought they owned the road, I said to my friend,Watch out!. When we got nearer the two ducks flew away.
Who is this beautiful baby? Well to me she is very beautiful, this was taken in 1919 ,she was born May 1918. She grew up with six siblings. When she was around three, she remembers her mother making her a little white coat and told her to go play and not get dirty. She went out in the field and into the cow pasture and fell into the cow paddies. So much for her little coat.
Later she learned to hunt partridges and rabbits and was a pretty good markswoman, she could hit a target on a tree from quite a distance, she even did better than many of her cousins. She was only around eleven years of age. She and her brother cut a cord of wood, just the two of them, and sold the cord of wood for two dollars and hurried to the five and ten cent store to spend it. She met a man who was nine years older than her and at the age of nearly 14 they eloped. She told me they built a log cabin and she used to paper the walls with true story books. She made a paste of flour and pasted the walls. The nuns used to go and visit her and compliment how nice her little log cabin looked. She had eight children, one daughter died, she had four sons and three other daughters, one of whom is so very glad. Yes that daughter is me and the baby is my Mom.
On another note, I would like to say I have received another award from my site, you can see it on my award page. It is my second award from the same folks.
My group is doing very well, I am so very proud of all of them, they give of themselves when they can to help others. So if you just surfed in, and want to join us , go to click on acadian group and follow instructions. Hope to see you there.
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really good job and nice to see pictures of the family i especially love this one of granny