Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well I didn't want you to worry because I haven't been blogging. Well I am in the process of moving, and I am packing, you know how it is? The cupboards, under the sink, into the closets, in the basement, grin. And I am now what you would call Tired, tired,tired. I will be moving into my new place the first of the month, so my internet will be connected for the first, but I have to unpack when I get there. So do not worry, I will be back as soon as I can. I think we get the mover on Monday. Then I need to make sure I leave the house clean.
I will be making a patio sale on saturday, I have too much stuff for a small apartment so I have to downsize.
I have mentioned my moving to my genealogy group so now they also will not need to wonder where I am. So will see you after my move. Thanks for the visit and please check back soon.
Have a great day

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