Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Red today is because soon we shall be seeing the tulips come out of the ground. I remember when my late husband and I lived in our own home, and I always loved tulips, for one thing they are easy to plant and easy to grow. One year, I remember my mother went to the USA and she brought me home some different tulip bulbs, and I planted them in front of my house. I read about how far apart to put them in the ground and how deep. Well my tulips grew to be the nicest looking tulips around, I had some yellow, black,red,white,and they were so pretty that people walking by would stop to admire them. When we sold our house in order to make a parking lot for a medical center, I dug up most of them and gave them to my sister.
Speaking of my late husband, did I tell you about the bird feeders? Well my husband was suffering from Alzheimers, and I took care of him in my home. Anyway he became bed ridden and I had put his bed in our living room so he could listen to the television and watch it if he wanted to. And I love little birds, and we lived on the second floor of an apartment building, so I decided that having bird feeders outside the window would be good for my husband. Well it was a hard job trying to hang bird feeders on a window sill, what I did is I got some Shelf holders and I opened the window and nailed the L shaped holders on the window sill, and I hung two bird feeders , ond for the finches and one for other birds. Well it was fun to see these little birds, and my husband would watch them for hours, there was this dove that kept coming to eat the niger seeds, and I would shoo it away, it kept coming back, I had nicknamed it PAIN and it made my husband smile, I would say here comes Pain again. Well Pain happened to be a girl and she had little babies and she brought those little babies to the feeder and we would watch her in the tree in the front ,she would watch her babies eat. It was amazing to see.
I never had hummingbirds there, but later on I moved and there I had some.
Changing the subject, I am not sure if I told you or not, but I have removed my photo gallery from my website, due to someone trying to damage my site, I am trying to come up with something else. It is a shame such things happen, the photo gallery was viewed a lot.
My genealogy group is doing well, we have new members who are joining us and we welcome each and everyone of them. If you would like to come and have us try and help you with your brick walls, just go to my website acadian-roots and you will see a url on the sidebar. What I enjoy about our group is we have acadians, we have cajuns, we have french canadians and even some english folks with Acadian roots. A very nice way to meet others.
Thank you for the lovely visit, and please drop in again. Hello to my friends in Scotland, cousin Eve, and hello to you , all my regulars who come in faithfully to visit. Have a great day

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