Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another day in the life of Aline, grin. Well last night I went to the bingo, sat with my mother and brother, and at our bingo the first single winner of the evening gets to be king or queen for the night, then they pick a number and each time the number comes up they receive a toonie (two dollars). Well last night I won the first game and became queen for the night. I picked a number that had a significant meaning for me. And they brought me this little green piggy bank, it has no opening to take out the money. Anyway my number came up quite often and the guy who was giving me the toonie was sort of heavy set and he would come huffing and puffing to bring me my toonie, at one time he said "I just had a beer and am ready to go again". The game before the last my number was called again, he comes over huffing and puffing put a toonie in my bank and then he adds a second toonie and said" This is for the last game, I am Through With You". Did we ever laugh. I got around 22 dollars in my bank .Plus I won one hundred dollars.
After the bingo I came home, and I had been working on trying to add another photo gallery on my site ,I had left frustrated because I did not understand certain commands. After the bingo I contacted my webhost provider ICD Soft for help. Well they walked me through setting up my gallery, would you believe I was up until nearly four am this morning with them guiding me along? Finally they had me setting up my gallery. If ever you are looking for a good webhost, check them out, you won't be sorry. I think my gallery looks better than the last. Now I need to add more photos to it.
My friend in Scotland alerted me to some mistakes in my spelling and plus one of my photos wasnt showing correctly, fixed all that. So now you can see I have been a busy girl. Coffee time. grin. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day

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