Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring will soon be here, so I am typing in green today. Well we went to PEI saturday, the weather was beautiful, snow nearly all gone. I was in Summerside and I kept thinking if only I had more time, if only the ground was dry, if only I had come over with my own car. grin. ( I would have ventured into the cemetery).
And you know what that would mean, I would transcribe some of it.
Yesterday I went to the genealogy center, but I could not stay very long. I was going over to find some information for one of my group members ,and while I was there I had a nice chat with Stephen White. I enjoy our chats when I go there. That man has a memory that is unbelievable and he is always willing to help when he can. I was seeking some information shared in our group and he gave me the answers we were looking for.I always leave our chats with a smile .
I would like to mention a reunion being planned for July 2009 again and I will mention it in full later. I belong to a Bergeron group, and we are planning a reunion in Fredericton for anyone who descends from Barthelemy Bergeron and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin. There will be people from the USA ,Canada,attending that we know of so far. If you are interested you can join the Bergeron dit Damboise group at bergeron-damboise@googlegroups.com
I will post more about this at another time.
This reunion also coincides with the Congres Mondial in 2009 so if you are planning to attend the CMA2009 and you are down in July and have Barthelemy in your line it would be very nice to meet you.
Speaking of reunions, my Mom will be ninety years of age in May, and we are planning an open house for her but we let her know so she would not be so surprised, last night she said to me, well why don't we get a hall? grin. My brother feels that it would be too much for her, since she has a bad heart and has rhematoid arthritis but she said she thinks a hall would be better, so now I have sent invites out, will need to know for sure what they want. We had made her a party when she was 88, and it turned out great. This is a way to get her grandchildren and great grandchildren together. All I do know is my Mom deserves something very special for her coming birthday, she is the kind of Mom who does everything for everyone, if one of her grandchildren is having a hard time, Mom is there to help, if someone needs a ride somewhere, Mom is there , if one of us needs a little pair of baby booties knitted ,Mom is there. She never refuses us, she would give her last penny to help anyone in need, she and my Dad separated after 35 years of marriage, yet she was always there for him, he married again, she was still there for him and when he passed away, who was by his side? Mom. She worries about all of us . And a few weeks ago, Mom told me, I am not afraid to die, what I am afraid of ,is hurting all you children when I go. I will hate to leave all of you. Now you know why I love my Mom.
Thanks for listening, do have a great day and drop in again.


Anonymous said...

what a lady!!!! I guess we all love our mothers,but to hear you talk about yours, one can feel the love that you have for yours. i can tell you are very proud of yours...thanksz

alineskee said...

Yes I am proud of my Mom, anyone who has met my Mom all love her.I am so lucky to have had her for so long in my life. Thank you for the comment.