Friday, May 18, 2007

L'ETOILE newspaper. For the ones of you who read the French paper L'Etoile, I heard through the grapevines that it is a possibility that they may stop the newspaper so I am asking you to let them know that we want them to keep the paper going. The newspaper covers stories from Kent County New Brunswick, and Dieppe New Brunswick, there are lots of interesting reading, sometimes genealogy, sometimes little acadian stories. So I would urge you to let them know your feelings on this. I found the following email , not sure if it is correct but I have sent them my views to the following email addee; or if production doesn't work try productions with an s.

Today I decided to take a drive to the Notre Dame de Kent Cemetery, I wanted to put some flowers on my father's grave, it will be 3 years tomorrow that he passed away. The weather wasn't very cooperative, but I did not let it win. smile, I went to the cemetery in the pouring rain, took the flowers to the gravesite. Told my Dad I did not forget. And then I really felt so good doing so.
Now in July it will be 8 years that I lost my husband and I will do the same, go there and bring some flowers. Maybe the sun will be shining that day. grin.
Here is another poem I wrote for my grandaughter, I have a grandson, and I made some for him just not sure where I placed the copies .smile.
Our grandaughter from Riverview
Is having birthday # two
She loves to come and visit us
Also to play with all her stuff
An eskimo kiss for her pepere
A great big hug for her memere
Her Bunny Rabbit is RA Ra
And pepere to her is My Papa
Hair of black and eyes of blue
Christina Marie we sure love you.

Have a great day

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