Saturday, May 05, 2007

Here I am again, it seems as it has been ages since I came in to chat. Today I found myself driving into Nova Scotia from New Brunswick. The weather was overcast and rain drizzles. We decided to go to Joggins Nova Scotia, I had never been there, so it was something new to see.
It was so nice seeing all these old place names such as Napan, Maccan, River Hebert, Minounie and Joggins. These are all places I have come across during my genealogy years. If I had the time it would have been nice to stop at all of these places. They were all close to one another.
Now Joggins has a lot to see but we never had the chance, the rain began pouring while we were in the cemetery.So then it was time to head back home.
On our way home along the side of the road, we saw a strange bird, it looked like a pelican or a stork, very rare . It was the first time we ever saw one of them in the wild. I wish I had taken a picture of it. But I do need to upgrade my digital so that I can zoom in on my images.
I am planning on going to Port Royal,Grand Pre and Fort Louisbourg this summer. I sure hope my plans will succeed. I have never been to Port Royal, I went to Grand Pre. It is very pretty in Grand Pre. I want to return.
So to get back to my Joggins story, if you are interested in checking out my website, I have added a few inscriptions from the St Thomas Aquinas Cemetery in Joggins . Go to click on Joggins Nova Scotia. Maybe some of your ancestors will be there. I would like to return and do more of the cemetery later.
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.

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